Victorian Collectables About Us

Growing up in London, George Hallam always had an interest in antiques and jewelry. In 1955 he opened his first Antique and Jewelry shop on Tower Bridge Road in London, England. He successfully ran this with his son Anthony “Tony” Hallam, for over 40 years. During this time, George saved all of his best and favorite pieces for his own private collection. Passing away in 1995, George Hallam left this private collection of the finest Victorian era, Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces to Anthony. Continuing the business, he took it on the road traveling and selling all over the world. In 1997, as a tribute to his father, Anthony decided to use his vast experience and knowledge about antique sterling silver pieces, and decided to start reproducing items and also creating very unique and desirable hybrid pieces. Anthony went on to sell these creations to English Antique Shops and at Antique Auctions around the world. Searching for the finest jewelry makers Anthony finally settled in Thailand with his factory and showroom in Gem Tower. Previously these items were only available if you knew “Tony” or came to his showroom. Now he has developed this website with the intention of making his unique designs available to selected dealers around the world “with the click of a mouse.” Every piece of sterling silver is 925 hallmarked.

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